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Brian's Driver Education FAQ's

When is my teen eligible to get the MV3001?

Teens are eligible to get their MV3001 at 15.6 years of age and the student is enrolled in an approved behind-the-wheel driver ed course. The teen must also be on schedule to complete the 30 hours of classroom.

What restrictions come with the Instruction Permit?

You may drive only when you are accompanied by;

1) A qualified instructor 19 or older

2) A parent, guardian or spouse 19 or older (your immediate family members may ride along in the back seat)

3)  A person 21 or older who holds a valid regular license and is designated in writing by your parent or guardian prior to accompanying you while driving a vehicle

How do I schedule my road test appointment?

You must schedule an appointment for a driving skills (road) test. Schedule your appointment online at www.wisconsindmv.gov or by calling (608) 266-2353.

What is a probationary license?

A Probationary license is the first license issued to new drivers regardless of age. It is valid for two years from your next birthday. Points are doubled for the second and subsequent convictions for traffic violations.

What are the restrictions of the probationary license?

Restrictions of the Probationary License

If you are under 18 for the first 9 months of holding your Probationary license, you will have restrictions on who can ride with you:

1.  From 5 a.m. to midnight, you can drive alone and travel anywhere. In addition, any number of your immediate family members (including legal guardian) and the following people can ride with you:

   One person who holds a valid regular (non-probationary) license with at least 2 years of licensed driving experience and who is one of the following:

   A qualified instructor or spouse 19 or older, or a person 21 or older.

   One other person

2. From midnight to 5 a.m. if driving between home, school, and/or work, you can drive alone.  The same people as listed in number one above can be with you.  If driving anywhere else, you must have one of the following people seated beside you:

   A parent or guardian

   One person who holds a valid regular (non-probationary) license with

2 years of licensed driving experience and who is one of the following:

   A qualified instructor or spouse 19 or older, or a person 21 or older

   In addition, you can have any number of your immediate family members and one other person ride with you.

3. Restrictions will be extended 6 months if:

   You are convicted of a moving traffic violation (including failure to fasten seat belt), or you violate any of the restrictions, or your license is revoked or suspended for any reason.

Note: The 9-month term of the passenger and time-of-day restriction stops while your operating privilege is suspended or revoked. It resumes again when your operating privilege is reinstated.

Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Requirement

No person may operate a motor vehicle in Wisconsin unless the owner or operator of the vehicle has liability insurance in effect for the vehicle being operated.  One must present proof of insurance (such as a valid insurance card) when requested by a law enforcement officer.

The liability insurance must be issued by an insurer authorized to conduct motor vehicle liability business in Wisconsin if the vehicle is registered in Wisconsin. A driver of a vehicle registered in another State may provide proof from an insurance company in the State where the vehicle is registered.  Insurance coverage and limitations are the responsibility of the driver and owner of the vehicle if the proof of insurance does not list the driver or the specific vehicle being operated.


General information for all roundabouts and steps for driving a roundabout can be found by going to www.wisconsinroundabouts.gov or Wisconsin Motorists Handbook.

How many hours of practice driving are required by my teen?

Students must complete a minimum of 30 hours of Behind the Wheel training.  Ten of these hours are fulfilled by the six driving sessions with a certified driving instructor from Brian's School of Driving.

What is your refund policy?

Refunds will be managed on a case by case basis. Please contact Brian for more information about refunds.

Who do I call for student emergencies

In an emergency when the student is in class, please call Brian's cell at 608-343-3069.